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When the time comes for you to make repairs, maintain, fix up or remodel your home, its can be difficult, at times, to get rolling. Typically, homeowners have several dilemmas. One is knowing someone who can and will handle their specific project. Two is being able to find a company who is dependable, professional and with the proper licenses and insurances. Three is getting the job done at an affordable price and four is finding a company that will accept several forms of payment including financing in addition to credit/debit cards, checks and cash. That good Ole Handyman is the answer. We are your one stop home repair shop whether your project is small or large.
If at all possible, we strive to save you the expense of replacing components to the home by repairing, matching or making alterations where feasible. Our 30 years of experience is passed on to you in the form of money saving solutions.

Although we advocate in many situations repair rather than replace, there are many instance where replacing is the only option. It could be that the only option is that you, the homeowner is ready for a complete change or face lift to a particular area or the some parts of your home are simply worn out. Whatever the purpose or objective, we can help with installations of all types.
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With many years operating as a preferred contractor for several large insurance companies as Total Service Company, floors became the largest single replacement item for a homes interior. Our flooring service not only replaces all types of floors but goes beyond by assisting with content moving, storage and the best type of flooring for space, budget and functionality.
Your project may involve repairing, matching, refinishing, leveling or altering the heights of the surface. It may be concrete or wood base. No matter the structure or objective, it's within our scope of service.

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The worst roof problems are the ones that are causing problems that are readily apparent. These are leaks that occur over a long period of time between walls, and on parts of the roof where water can puddle. Water seeps or becomes stagnant over repeated rain showers and finally after a long period of time, damage is evident. Other roof problem are more apparent and may not be as serious as first suspected. Unless the roof has reached its warranty limit, repairs can be a cost effective remedy.

If you suspect a problem contact us for free inspection.


Siding is to a home like skin is to your body. It is necessary to protect the interior from wind, water, sun. Houses built with hardboard siding instead of brick requires 90% of all siding repairs. That is because hardboard siding is not wood but a pressed composite with a paper skin. Hardboard siding requires a lot of nails to keep it in place which is where the trouble begins, at the head of the nail. The head of the nail is the opening to where water can penetrate and begin the process of degeneration. The siding swells past the surface level of the nail head which intern allows more water to enter. Over time the swelling gets larger and larger and stays moist longer and longer until rot occurs.
Partial replacement of hardboard siding is an option but the process has to be done correctly. First the nails should be set even with or barely less than even with the surface. Next, the siding should be primed with an exterior oil based primer with extra attention and application of the primer around the nails, joints where the ends butt together and on the under edges. The primer seals those areas to keep moisture out after which the finish coat of paint can be applied.

The best finish paint to use on hardboard siding is an acrylic. These paints expand and contract with changes of temperature and render good protection and color retention.
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exterior carpentry:

Sofits, fascias, freize boards, columns. posts, rails, pilasters, moldings, and more are all susceptable to damage from the elements and at some point repairs are necessary. Even if some of those areas are covered with vinyl or aluminum damage can occur.
The best repair solution is to install maintenance free materials where possible. Technology in construction materials has advanced and saves you money over the long run. More and more property owners are opting for maintenance free solutions to their exteriors.

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interior carpentry:

In addition to the normal moldings that are categorically interior, other components such as shelving, stairways, cabinets, cornices, balusters, shadow boxes, skylight framing and more are components of interior carpentry.
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Exterior door present different problems than interior doors and are usually the door of most concern. Interior doors at the grass roots are for privacy and aesthetics. Either the old doors are fine or you may just want a new door; however, there may be times when an interior door needs attention. In most cases the only repair for an interior door is realignment which is evidenced by the door being too tight or loose or that the hinges are faulty.
Exterior door on the other hand are victims of the elements and propose varying problems. The biggest problem with exterior doors is the jamb (the area around the door on the left, right and top) which in this day and time is made of soft wood. Because soft wood is not resilient to moisture, the jambs are easy to rot in as little time as 2 years. A simple remedy is if the manufacturers of the door unit would make the jambs using hardwood such as oak or hickory rather than softwoods (spruce, pine, cypress). That will only happen if the doors units are special ordered which for most budgets is cost prohibitive.

What's the solution? Determine if the door can be repaired versus replaced. Once repaired or replaced installing a storm door is the best solution for protecting exterior doors when there is no porch overhang.


The parts of the window are the sash, sill, frame, seal, cross member, track, pane, stool and apron. Because of the many parts of a window, repairs can be almost as costly as replacing. Each situation has to be individually inspected to determine the best remedy for window problems. Some common problems are broken seals which causes double pane windows to become foggy, rotten sills and convection which is a draft that are felt in a room when no exterior door or window is open.
Glass, the majority of material on a window, is the least efficient insulator of a room. Windows have a relative affect on home heating fuel efficiency so the quality, type, size and installation are all important.
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Walls are usually considered by homeowners when it's time to paint, wallpaper, take a wall out, move one over or add another. But before all that is done take a look to see if there are cracks extending from the doorways, gaps between the bottom of the wall and the floor, peeling between that top of the wall and the ceiling or zig zag lines along the walls surface. If so, this could be an indication that other repairs are needed.
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Except for a very few remaining acoustical tile ceilings, most ceiling are either smooth or textured. Smooth ceilings are drywall (sheetrock) or plaster which is the base for texture or popcorn.
The type of repair to a ceiling is base on the kind, whether smooth, texture or popcorn. Of all types the most important process is to mask the area of repair in order to prevent dust from infiltrating other rooms in the house. The amount of dust generated is usually substantial and care must be taken to assure that any cleaning afterwards is either none or almost none.

We at That Good Ole Handyman have the experience to do it right.
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wood rot repair:

Termite and wood destroying insects, dry rot and water that gets trapped on or in wood all are culprits of rotten wood. The problems occur attics, crawl spaces, between walls, between floors, under shingles, under cabinets, around openings and gaps in brick, next to gutters and almost any place in a house imaginable.
There are now several types of materials available on the market that resists rot which many people are opting to use.
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Every painting job requirement is relative to the type and condition of the surface, exposure to temperature, function of the area and desired appearance. These factors have to be considered in order to apply the proper preparation methods and type of finish. Ultimately the finish should not only have a desired look and appeal but should also be long lasting.
Painting is more than merely using a brush and roller but involves a detailed analysis of of the project before any work is begun.
Before beginning your paint project contact us for and evaluation.

moisture & leak repair:

Moisture and water is the leading cause of damage to all homes by far. Often these type of repair problems go undetected until much damage is down. Additionally, the source of the water or moisture can be difficult to determine or locate. Often special test and equipment has to be utilized or a trained and experience person has to inspect the structure to pinpoint the problem.
After the source of the moisture has been determined that proper steps have to be taken to assure that the problem is corrected. The causes, resulting damage and corrective measures are many and varied.
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handyman services:

In the remodeling and home improvement industry exists a tremendous void which is ascertaining a company that will do the very small, minimal and minute tasks that most people could do themselves but either don't have the time or would just prefer to not to have to bother. Usually there are several little nagging fixes needed which makes an experienced handyman an invaluable commodity. Sometimes the tools needed have to be purchased which makes a do-it-yourself plan economically not feasible.
Most companies simply are not structured to do handyman services. The service doesn't fit and negates their objective and core business.
For the modern homeowner, That Good Ole Handyman fits the bill.
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insurance claims repairs:

Insurance claims restoration is a specialized department of That Good Ole Handyman that operates under the name of Total Service Company, a licensed general contractor. Insurance claims repairs require the ability to understand the claims process from start to finish. Since 1991 Total Service Company has worked with insurance companies and policy holders of homeowners and commercial insurance policies to expedite claims and assist with repairs, restoration and mitigation.
Before a property claim is filed, Total Service Company will inspect damages to your property to determine if the repairs would  or should possibly be covered by a homeowners or dwelling insurance policy. We do this by assessing the cause of the damage and an approximate cost of repair so that the problem can be matched with the liabilities and exclusions of the coverage. Many times an insurance claim should not be filed because either the cost of repair is less than the policy deductible or the repairs needed  are caused by circumstances that are not covered by insurance.
If a claim is necessary, we will assist with making a proper claim, provide mitigation (a clause in most policies that the insurance company requires of the policy owner in order to prevent further damage to the property), prepare and detailed estimate and do the repairs.
Most insurance claims repairs fall into one of the categories listed  below. If you are experiencing any one of them don't hesitate to contact us for help.

emergency service & mitigation:

Sudden and/or accidental damage affects many structures due to various causes. The most common causes are from, but not limited to, water, wind and fire. These causes can temporarily disrupt lifestyle and business and create a need for immediate service from a professional service provider experienced with emergency service and mitigation.
Listed are the types of mitigation that are most likely needed when perils happen. We are available to assist in those capacities.